Jorge Azevedo
Founder and Managing Partner

Jorge is the kind of man who is never satisfied, always searching for new challenges. Communicator and entrepreneur by nature, he always faces life with optimism. If life send you lemons, make a fine lemonade with your Bimby machine and seize the opportunity to sell some to your neighbours.

Renato Póvoas
Founder and Managing Partner

Inspired by his countryman Paulo Futre, Renato dribbles daily competition with art and mastery. He just doesn't promise to bring charter flights full of chinese to Portugal. He just wants to be completely focused in generating results so that Guess What may grow.

Joana Borges
Healthcare Division Manager

When it comes to communication, Joana knows what to prescribe. She knows that a good press release is the best painkiller and that a perfect follow-up is an excellent anxiolityc.

Francisco Reis
Corporate Division Manager
Francisco is always focused on work. As long as Sporting doesn't play. And new Comic Books are not published. And no movie or series premieres. And a new restaurant is not opening.
Alexandre Antunes
Digital Manager

When it comes to digital communication, Alexandre is like Jon Snow facing the wall: there are no obstacles he won't overcome with his team. And, by the way, his heart has only one colour: "blue and white". If you want to see Alexandre happy, please give him a "like".

Gonçalo Carvalho
Public Affairs Manager
Gonçalo is methodical and realistic, but not orthodox or fundamentalist. Southerner, avid runner (as a kind of meditation, but with adrenaline to the mix), good listener, but a frustrated novelist. He is a spaghetti connoisseur.
Sara Martinho
Consumer&Lifestyle Division Manager

Sara handles brands by first name and her work quickly switch from preparing press kits, sending press releases or organizing press trips. In the middle of everything, champion, the only champion is Benfica!


Our aim for tomorrow is to be a better organization than we are today.
We are explorers of infinite possibilities. We do not limit ourselves to what is seen as unimaginable.
We support partnership relations based on honesty and loyalty.
Creativity without objectivity does not work. We develop clear and focused strategies.
We are an agency totally focused on the results of our partners.


  • 1
    We communicate differentiation [+]

    We carry the right message to its target public. We know how to draw the desired attention and we develop communication campaigns which strive for its difference and impact.

  • 2
    We connect the public to your brand. [+]

    Is the contact of the public with your brand your main objective? Ours too. We carry your key messages to the right stakeholders.

  • 3
    We live the digital world. [+]

    We create on-line relations, we activate integrated campaigns and we boost the digital value of brands. Our projects start on a bit which can travel around the world in less than 60 seconds.

  • 4
    We create ambassadors. [+]

    Opinion leaders, advocacy groups, trend setters. It is also with them that your brand will talk to. And its through them that it will reach new and important public.

  • 5
    We stand for relevance [+]

    In a world of numerous requests, the relevance of your speech (and how you do it) is essential. We communicate so that you can see positive results in response to your messages.

  • 6
    We value evaluation processes [+]

    We evaluate the performance of your messages among the target public, knowing that they are the biggest jury. We adapt the answers to what the public thinks of you.


    • We transform your message into a journalistic piece. [+]

      We stay in permanent and proactive contact with journalists from all different areas. Our mission is to bring together the interests of both our clients and the different public in social media. We work together to tailor messages to each environment and to establish the best way and timing to spread them. We help each spokesperson to find the best way to spread its message.

    • If there is a face-to-face...we're there. [+]

      We develop you willingness to speak in public, especially with the media. We follow-up and guide the preparation process for a face-to-face with one or more journalists. Without fear and with confidence, we are the Teleprompter and the essential support in theses moments.

    • We bring you closer to policy makers. [+]

      We are one of the first and few Portuguese companies to work in this area. We set hearings with policy makers in order to present them the views of our clients We establish partnerships and cooperation/pressure strategies, as needed. We help in the invitation of political personalities whose presence may be crucial to the success or prestige of an event.

    • We present you the present and future of communication [+]

      We are experts in digital communication, managing our clients social platforms and ensuring the websites of many others. But that is only the beginning. We are constantly searching for updates on how to communicate digitally. Clearly, we live with our heads in the digital world and with our feet on the ground.

    • From invitations to lightning, we make your event come alive. [+]

      We have a strong know-how in creating concepts for special events and also in applying concepts which already exist. We are able to transform an event by means of a simple roll-up or we can decorate an entire building, according to the needs and possibilities of each client. We are permanently searching for the latest innovations so that our offer may be the best possible.

    • We make your idea come true. [+]

      If its about design, we do it. From the creative development of a brand to the implementation of communication formats like brochures, newspapers, magazines, newsletters or even stands. Without fear and always believing that nothing is impossible, we set our imagination free and transform ideas into reality.



  • Guess What and its amazingly strong team are the lighthouse which spreads our light up to an horizon beyond our modest vision. We could talk for hours about the enormous capabilities and skills that Guess What  reveals, but the difference, in our opinion, lies in the way they handle the complex metaphor of communication, turning it into simple lines, and therefore creating the path we wish to follow. Guess What is one of the cornerstones in the building of our Social Mission. An indispensable and essential partner."

    by: Diogo Valadas Ponte, Technical Director and Clinical Psychologist at Associação AVC
  • "Working with Guess What is to have a partner able to understand us and to show us the way. As in all activities, people are the most important asset, and they are the ones who can make the difference. In my case, whenever i needed, people from Guess What where always there for me, with full availability and professionalism. Increasingly, we have a need for companies that walk side by side with us in order to achieve a goal that is ours, but that they also adopt as their own. And this is clearly the case."

    by: Eduardo Valentim, Boston Scientific Portugal Marketing Manager
  • "From my experience with Guess What on the development of digital marketing projects, i must  emphasize the strong professionalism, dynamic and enormous team spirit in all the necessary interactions to achieve the goals which have been established and also the fact that the team was always focused on the client's needs."

    by: Joana Feteira, Product Manager, Ferring
  • "Working with Guess What is to know that we can count on a team of highly competent professionals, creative, dedicated and with an enormous passion for what they do."

    by: João Pereira, Communication Advisor, Roche Pharmaceutical
  • "I can testify to the competence, professionalism and proactivity of the Guess What team concerning the partnership with the Portuguese Society of Internal Medicine, which has contributed enormously to place Internal Medicine in the media agenda and to assert our speciality."

    by: Dr. Luís Campos, President of the Portuguese Society of Internal Medicine
  • “Guess What is an extraordinary partner which creates value to Sanofi and its business. It has a fantastic team that understands the client and its stakeholders, revealing a great knowledge of the area in which it operates. Guess What contributes exponentially to the visibility and reputation of the Sanofi Group in Portugal."

    by: Luísa Silva, Sanofi Portugal Communication Director
  • "Working with Guess What is a daily experience of rediscovering how to overcome ourselves in order to satisfy the client."

    by: David Santos, Fresco Productions
  • "Guess What is a true partner in the communication of our brands. I had, on several occasions, the opportunity to testify their dedication, professionalism commitment in the search for success in all projects. No doubt a reference communication agency."

    by: Pedro Henriques, Brand Manager Voltaren, GSK Consumer Healtcare
  • "We always have to rely on someone to carry out our projects. Guess What has been an eminent partner in the periodic spreading of the message that SPO wishes to send to the population. Due to the great efficiency, commitment and dedication of its professionals, we have a sense of achievement of our goals and victory in our daily battles."

    by: Prof. Maria João Quadrado, Chairman of the Portuguese Society of Ophthalmology
  • “The partnership between Biogen Idec and Guess What has raised the news media coverage to an unusual status in the pharmaceutical industry, specially considering that we are talking about a biotechnology company focused in only one therapeutic area: EM. The proactivity in the choice of activities, quality of contents and means selection are strong characteristics of Guess What, and represent the root of success of this partnership."

    by: Sérgio Teixeira, Biogen Idec. General Manager
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Improve is a Guess What Group company, working on ideas and innovation. We bring solutions to problems, transforming businesses, products or services and we make them grow. The solution doesn't lie on a single model, but on a range of creative and innovative possibilities. By knowing how essential it is to cut short the time between the creation of an idea and the release of the product or service, we incorporate in Improve all the necessary components to a successful implementation of the projects, including investors and private funding sources.

Here, we make it happen.